Thinking different is not that hard

It's actually pretty easy to go against the status quo. We set a few goals, present our ideas and off we go.

And when the status quo fights back. And suddenly we're lost again.

Contrarians have always existed, and always will exist. They are the perfect byproduct of progress, which means we ought to embrace the fact that some (few very special) people will have the guts to break our view of the world and set their own. And make things go forward yet again.

Steve Jobs, Bob Hoffman and Leonardo da Vinci are among my favorite contrarians, each in his own way. Sure, they are (or were, in Steve and Leo's case) not afraid to let you know their ideas are that much an improvement compared to what exists at the time.

The point isn't fighting the status quo. It's actually accomplishing some sort of win. Steve literally revolutionized six industries. Leonardo was one of the most prolific geniuses in history, and his ideas were far ahead of his time. Bob is showing how it's done versus all the social media bullshit that goes around.

To rebel is part attitude part results. Sure, you need the attitude to get it started. But you need some sort of result (warning: it probably won't show up on the short run) mixed with that attitude to keep it running and creating the future.

The bad good thing is we're not really sure when results will actually come. Which is the best motivation to always keep in motion and never settle.