Three essential traits

There are no straight-forward guides to success, but I like to think there are some guidelines. And I most definitely love to be able to stripe down a notion to three simple keywords.

Due to academic necessity (I'm working on a project about education and how we can help students build a better future for themselves for my Master's Degree) but also due to personal interest, I've been thinking a lot about what we need to build ourselves a suitable future, one we're happy to live in, one where we can say we're "successful" (as generic as that term is).

This is where I stand right now: the future professional should be equally humble, resilient and relevant.

Relevance is what helps us want to be our best selves and the best options in a given context, in a time where there's too much information for too little attention. Resilience is what makes any of us work relentlessly, specially if we still don't feel true relevance has been reached; it's also what makes us cope with failure, time after time. Humbleness is what helps us not getting in over our heads once we've (felt like we've) reached relevance.

Your thoughts? What does the future professional need to make a difference?