"Transmedia is a word for old people"

So this should blast a healthy dose of perspective when it comes to jargon (via Union Metrics):

My friend’s daughter explained that young people don’t need a word to describe transmedia because this is how they live every day. The narrative of their own lives unfolds across different social media platforms and they consciously create identities for themselves depending on where, what, how and with whom they share information.

Jargon is a tool that helps us wrap up complex realities and paradigms into simple, understandable concepts. That being said, the more we use it the more it behaves like a virus, mutating with each new contact, turning itself into something as different as the number of organisms it comes across with.

Like any virus, it loses its effect over time. The immune system adapts to it, or maybe because it became so natural the immune system simply stopped giving a damn.

In short, transmedia used to mean everything, and now it means nothing. From over usage in theory, but most importantly from ubiquity in practice.