Turning more to Twitter

Except for a few bumps in the beginning (I created and deleted 2 accounts for not "getting it"), I've always liked Twitter. The interface, the purpose, the ease of use, the mobile experience... it's arguably my favorite social platform today (nothing personal, Zuck).

Recently, I've been making a few tests to further enhance my experience with Twitter. That's why about a week ago I started testing Twitter lists to organize my news and drop RSS altogether. Of course, RSS is not the problem; time management is. My point: why spend time on two different platforms for two different activities if I can mix it all on just one?

I've always been a big fan of Google Reader and more recently the superb Reeder (both for the Mac and the iPhone — they're paid but absolutely worth it), but the fact is things can get cluttered, not in those apps exclusively, but altogether. On one end, I love to catch up on my news, blogs and inspiration. On the other, I wanted to have more time for Twitter and, of course, more time for myself (off the computer).

Mixing things up has made wonders for me. It's obviously not a revolutionary method (in fact, I started considering it after a brief chat on Twitter with someone who was already doing it), but I gladly feel I have more free time, use Twitter more often and don't have that obligation to turn on Reeder each morning to catch up on no less than 250 new items. One solution for three problems.

Living in beta is also never being afraid to let go of old methods and preconceptions, and making yourself the perpetual subject of experiments. No matter how small or insignificant the change may seem.