Letting go of the tyranny of numbers

So Fab has this genius move where if they notice you haven't been opening their emails, they'll automatically opt you out of them because they don't want to "clutter your inbox". (via TNW)


This I call being smart without being a smartass. We should learn from examples like this.

It's always about people's comfort (it should be at least). It's also about anticipating a need and providing a solution which yes, can be quite risky (they probably lose many effective subscribers with this) but also quite honest (thousands of subscribers who don't read our email aren't really a result). And also quite rewarding, because people end up appreciating it.

The perfect example where the tyranny of numbers is replaced by sheer human practices. And everone wins.

Question: is their users' subsequential happiness and delight quantifiable as some sort of ROI?

... should it be?