Unicorns, rainbows and yo momma

If you throw a "yo momma" joke, what's your goal?

Too often we see conversations in social media as a goal in themselves, but let me ask you this: ok, we chatted, now what? The same is to say, "ok, so yo momma is [insert hilarious mom joke]". Ok... So what?

Conversations are exactly like jokes — they have a purpose. It's a joke's job to make one (or many) laugh, based on a certain theme you picked to make fun of. Mom jokes are just like that: you pick a friend (or maybe a stranger, it's your life), throw your fantastic piece of humor and hope your audience will crack up.

Why aren't social media conversations perceived the same way? You can't possibly tell me you conversate for the sake of measuring conversation, because that's like giving yourself a pat in the back because you threw 1,000 mom jokes and registered about 7 minuted and 48 seconds of laughter while at it (give or take).

The conversation isn't unicorns and rainbows, but it's also not an end in itself. It's simply a mean to gain the long lost confidence your customers once had in you, so that you can show them later on how you can really help them (if you can also joke about their mom at some point, you'll know you're doing it right).