Update and a favor

Each time I meet someone new, there is one thing that helps them invariably and immediately recognize me from the crowd: I'm the guy with the funny name, "Estreitinho" (roughly translated to "little narrow"). Actually, that's what most people end up calling me.

A few years back that would have messed with me. Today I accept it as a funny situation of which I should make the best of.

So I decided to change the URL of my blog to precisely just that: estreitinho.com. As a way to acknowledge this identity, but ultimately as a sign of pride. It also makes it easier to verbally refer people to my blog (a frequent issue with the other URL).

I also moved my RSS feed management to FeedBurner, since it gives me further flexibility and thorough analytical data. So aside from this update, I do have a favor to ask my almost 3,500 RSS subscribers: since the blog URL has now changed, as a matter of precaution and to make sure you continue getting my essays, you should re-subscribe to this blog's RSS feeds here.

Or you can get them through Twitter here. Thanks.