We are all interpreters

Everyone’s talking about the creator economy, where we are all craftsmen of our own ideas, leaders of our own path. We create the products we wish to use in our daily lives. We design the tools that will help us be better people. We come up with the solutions for problems no one else cared to properly address.

But I wouldn’t call these folks — who I profoundly respect — creators. I’d say they are more like interpreters.

Interpreters of what? Of the world, of people’s needs, of how stuff works. Of how we connect. Of how we live our lives. Of how we wish we could live them. Before being creators, these individuals are interpreters of what the world is and could and should be.

Hence the importance of a concept in everything you do. Lack of concept means more interpretation to your target audience, and the more a large group of people freely interpret your idea, with no boundaries whatsoever, the less important it will become according to the original intention. It will start being everything... to no one. And all of a sudden you’ve created something which is just not worth our time.

Every act of creation starts with interpretation. Interpretation comes from insight. And insights are more important than ideas. Without proper insights, interpretation is impossible. And without interpretation, creation can be meaningless.

First of all and in the end, we are all interpreters.