Weekends are great bullshit filters

I once read on The Thank You Economy, "don't underestimate the bullshit radar".

It's a struggle, but we all end up working towards this seemingly common goal. We filter the people we listen to, the blogs we read, the news we follow and the brands we like.

Weekends turn out to be great helpers on this mission, specially regarding that last part.

I'm hoping you follow brands on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, so that you'll better understand what I'm talking about. A small exercise: when was the last time you liked what a brand had to say on the weekend? I'm guessing it's not that common, or at least not as common as we end up liking what brands tell us on work days. (note that when I say "like" I mean the verb, not the act of liking something on Facebook or whatever)

Brands often don't sound that good on weekends because weekends are typically made up for leisure time, which forces you to relax, enjoy yourself and do something other than talking about work. So, if a brand is using social media to talk purely about themselves, it's no wonder they end up talking about their work as well, precisely on those two days where:

  • That's the last thing you (the customer) want to talk about
  • Your bullshit radar for things you don't care about is at its peak

Here's a wild criterion for brand and community managers: if you can sound human on a weekend, you're doing it right.