We're all platforms

Everything we do has a result, even if it has no result at all.

Show the world why you're relevant, and you'll reap your rewards. Let them find out you're no good, and no good is what you're going to get (in case you didn't know, irrelevancy is also a result).

Even if you don't want to believe it, know that thanks to the web we're all become platforms ourselves. Our identities, what we say and who we're connected with determine the richness of what we have to offer, which means it's now more important than ever to embrace our sense personal entrepreneurship and build ourselves from an organizational point of view.

Platforms exist to provide the basis on top of which we're allowed to change everything, as long as it doesn't mess with the core. Those who deal on a daily basis with the development side of the web will have a clear view of what I'm talking about. But now consider the same principle for yourself, and sooner rather than later you'll have a different view of the importance of personal development.

From an evolutionary point of view, people aren't that different from technology, you know.