What about personal entrepreneurship?

We live in an entrepreneur-run world, but that isn't new. Since the beginning of time, entrepreneurs helped spin the wheel to make the world turn, no matter what. Nowadays, however, one can see the rise of their influence as a mental stimulus to society in general.

We're now asked to be entrepreneurs. Companies want the entrepreneurial spirit to walk side by side with their culture, Silicon Valley is now seen as a paradise and everyone feels they can launch a business. I may sound critical about this, but I am not; I absolutely love that this is happening.

I'd like to argue, however, that we're often missing the personal part of being an entrepreneur. As I've previously written, entrepreneurship is not 100% about business, it's also about ourselves. It's about knowing how to manage your time, what and when to do (and more importantly, what NOT to do), where to draw inspiration from and having goals. Of course this is related to business practices, because you end up looking for yourself as the product of your own management skills and this helps, one way or another, boost your career, even if you never launch a single company.

Personal entrepreneurship is similar to self improvement, but I believe it has a bigger focus on detail. Personal entrepreneurs are the ones who obsess over what they have on their plate, the quality of what they ship, the way they organize work, but also how they reply to email, how they manage a small mistake, how they organize their work stations, how they conduct brainstorm sessions, how they motivate their peers, how they let themselves be motivated, how they obsessively study what others do and how to learn from that, how they place inspiration as a way of living, how they face mental rest... I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I recently read that the way your computer desktop is organized reflects your true work process. I like to think the way we organize our daily process show our true attitude towards ourselves.