What's in a conversation?

Two or more people, of course. And a topic of interest to spark the conversation.

Let's deconstruct this for a moment:

  1. We're talking about people, not robots;
  2. We're talking about interests, not transactions;
  3. We're talking about conversations, not one-way shouting;
  4. We're talking about two or more, not necessarily a million.

Why then do we so often disregard the human touch of things, the importance of passion, the art of following up on what someone else said and the intimacy of talking individually to each other?

An acquaintance whose opinion I find very valuable recently wrote that, in the social space and as far as brands are concerned, "most of us are all still learning what it’s like to actually create genuine conversations, and build from there".

True, that. But if we continue to treat conversations as the result of a shady production line, all we're getting is shady products and β€” most importantly β€” shit legacy.