What's your plan?

Breaking news: we're all going to die.

No, not now, not at once. But eventually. This means we all have a finite time to make whatever we're supposed to be making.

Why then do we face time as if we control it? We have time, we'll do it tomorrow... more than lazy excuses, these are lousy perspectives on life. No, we don't have time. No, tomorrow will be no good. Of course tomorrow most of the times has to get involved, because having a finite time means we can't do it all today.

Forgive me Louis Armstrong, but no, we don't have all the time in the world.

What do we have? A plan to follow in time. Deadlines. Processes. Yes, just like a company. Your own company where you're the CEO, CFO, CMO, product, service and whatever you'd like. You're the boss.

Companies have a plan to make sure they exist in a profitable way. Why shouldn't people do the same? Here's a profoundly provoking example. The way I see it, apart from the method, once you set to have a plan and follow it in time, you're showing by all means you cherish your life and want to make it worth your while.

We're all going to die (eventually).

Might as well die having accomplished a mission. (any mission, by the way — remember, you're the boss)