Proving ourselves wrong

We have this constant need to validate our own assumptions.

It makes sense. After all, if we believe in what we sell, we should have as many data and examples that validate our very own ideas. We have to sustain them, protect them from any and all strikes, omiting weaknesses in their armor.

However, being "right" does not come without its own perks.

The problem with having too much available information is that we have to choose, and we naturally make our choices according to our interests. We do have that freedom, but which in itself is already a constraint, because we’re filtering what we consume according to what we already believe in.

So that way any new piece of information we get will always be confirming our own assumptions with valid data and examples, but that doesn’t mean we’re right in the first place. Specially because this same assumption may just be happening on the other end of the argument at hand.

Jeff Bezos famously said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. In a world where everything is but plain black and white, we don't spend enough time proving ourselves wrong.