Wrong obsessions

If you manage, you should mostly expect certain results. If you lead, you should expect mostly a certain attitude. Of course, this shouldn't imply leaders are not to expect results (they are), but it's amazing how managers so quickly neglect the importance of attitude.

As humans, we're quick to adopt obsessions (I know I've got mine), which doesn't mean they're the right ones because obsessions mean we're working based on irrationality. While that isn't a bad thing, often one must question his own methods and obsessions and views to see if reality still matches what we're experiencing and working for.

It's very quick to neglect attitude as long as the work gets done. Moving on to the next task or project. However, a slight turnaround to pick your brain: is it more important to merely focus on results and leave attitude for later or is it more important to instigate the right attitude and then work towards results?

This is not a chicken and egg question, at least not to me. We usually assume winners look like winners because they have won before. So the right victory gets you the right attitude.

If you ask me, it should be quite the opposite and we're obsessing over the wrong things. Good results will not guarantee the right attitude, but the right attitude will surely get you the results you need. And yes, you need both.

Attitude always precedes victory.